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Welcome To yYoung® Medical Clinic

We have built long standing relationships based on a trustful and diligent approach to each patient while providing quality health care and services.

yYoung Medical Clinic is a subsidiary of yYoung Wellbeing. Our philosophy of care revolves around customized health services to improve wellness as a whole by offering preventative health management consultations, holistic nutrition, and clinical assessments.

  • Full-Service Family Practice
  • Guideline based Preventative Care
  • Virtual and Telephone Appointments
  • Immunizations including Flu Shots
  • General Health Screening
  • Women's Wellness and Sexual Health
  • Acne Clinic

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(604) 914-8888

(604) 914-8889

Patient Continuity of Care

The individual patient is our focus. Our success depends on our team identifying and striving to exceed the expectations of our patients. Clinic appointments can be pre-booked online, this allows patients the flexibility to have a designated time with the physician of their choice.

Walk-in Clinic

yYoung® Walk-In Clinic provides patients with the same level of care as our family practice services with the convenience of not having to book an appointment.

High-quality Medical Services

Every community is unique, but every community experiences positive change when people’s wellness is improved. Partnered physicians, community health services, and social community stakeholders are a proven way of fostering long-term community wellness.

Health Screening

At yYoung, we believe that the earlier a disease is diagnosed, the more likely it is that it can be cured or successfully managed.

Preventative Care

Our goal of preventive care is to help people stay healthy. The idea is to nip diseases in the bud before they become catastrophic.

Women's Wellness and Sexual Health

We provide Pap smears, Contraceptive Advice and Sexual Health Screening and Counseling to all genders, orientations and ages

Meet Our Physicians and Experts

Why Choose yYoung® Medical Clinic

We offer extensive medical services ranging from family practice to acute care.


We are fully integrated with InputHealth- an advanced online medical clinic booking service. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to schedule your appointment.