Do it for a Healthy Home!

Every day, we are exposed to chemicals from the world around us, and our homes are no exception. There are chemicals all around us—in air, water, and food—everywhere we go, and in the everyday products we use. While some chemicals can be beneficial, others may pose health risks if they’re not used or handled properly.

Did you know that lead could be in your plumbing? Or that mould can quickly build up and its spores could be released in the air, causing you serious health effects? Do you know whether asbestos was used to insulate or fireproof your home? Have you tested your home for radon—a radioactive gas that is the #1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers?

All these risks are manageable with the right information and tools.

Health Canada’s scientists work day in and day out to study the various effects and risks of the chemicals and environmental pollutants to which Canadians can be exposed. This science is crucial to policies and programs that the Government of Canada can develop and implement to ensure that our communities are healthy and safe from avoidable dangers.

As part of the Government’s Chemicals Management Plan, Healthy Home is a new campaign from Health Canada that aims to translate the science into real-world advice for Canadians. The campaign focuses on real issues and hazards around the home, like air and drinking water quality, dust, mould, carbon monoxide, radon, and pesticides. The campaign responds to a growing need for easy-to-understand and useful information to spur Canadians to take action and protect themselves and others from exposure to these hazards.

The Healthy Home website provides you with tips that are easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to do so that you can avoid or limit exposure to these and other harmful substances that could be in your home.

Do it for your family—take action and thrive in your Healthy Home!

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